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Teardown is a captivating game, where you need to steal things during a minimal amount of time. As soon as you grab the item you need, you have just a minute to get out of the building. You won’t have time to find an actual exit, so you will destroy everything to find the shortest way out.

Crash everything with every tool you can imagine

The game gives you a huge variety of devices that you can use for your mischievous plans, starting from sledgehammer and to gigantic vehicles. The latter are used for extremely big destructions. You can practically bring the whole building down when driving one of those.

You will also face situations when you will need some sort of weapon. Luckily, there is plenty of it. Shoot from different guns and rifles and reach your aim. Or you can use some dynamite and make a firework! The strategy is up to you, so there are several ways to complete each mission.

Also, Teardown is updated regularly, so there is always some new and exciting content. Additional tools are often included, so there is no limit to the opportunities for crashing things. For instance, one of the latest updates presented a jackhammer that you can use to chisel through the walls.

Moreover, mods are supported and some of the items can eventually be included in the original game. This gives the project so much diversity that you can constantly create something innovative in it.

Participate in numerous campaigns

You are going to deal with different types of missions, but in every kind you will need to cause at least minor damage one way or another. The most common type is the one where you just need to smash some building. Use whatever you want to fulfil this task, but you still have to do it quickly, as the orders are not always legal. You don’t want security to catch you, do you?

Besides, there are campaigns that require stealing specific objects. Those can seem more difficult, because apart from tearing down the location, you will need to avoid the enemies and escape as fast as possible. You can use a car or even a yacht to do it like in adventure movies!

The more quests you complete, the more money you earn. Use it and buy many useful staff that will make your business more effective and less energy-consuming. Unlock more tools and vehicles that you can always try out in challenges.