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Teardown Multiplayer

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Play the most entertaining simulator of demolition! In Teardown, you are going to take on the role of a professional thief who can steal practically anything really quickly. No walls in this world can prevent you from entering any building

Correct instruments can change everything

For your missions you can select various means of tearing down. Hammers, bombs, rockets and even laser guns are waiting for you. There are no particular rules on how and where you should use them, so apply your imagination and find out what is more suitable for an exact quest.

Also, there is a wide choice of diverse vehicles that you can use either for getting away from the crime scene or for helping to take big constructions down. After all, you used to own a company that specialises in destroying buildings, so you definitely know how to control those machines.

Although, you won’t gain access to all the tools at once. For the coolest ones you will need to finish some missions and earn a decent pile of money. So take more orders, rob more facilities and enjoy the most high-powered weapon. But most importantly, enjoy the constructions being torn into pieces!

There are also many missions that are not connected with the plot. They will allow you to receive additional income and to develop your skills. Some of them demand a high level of proficiency, so prepare well before starting them.

It is more fun to destroy together

However, sometimes it is better to work in a company, rather than dealing with everything alone. With certain mods, you are able to play this captivating game with your friends! The whole gaming process will become different, if you invite your buddy to participate in the most insane robbery you can think of.

Considering the fact that you have very little time to commit the theft, some help from another thief will be more than useful. You can develop a strategy where some of you will dash to the item and another one may cover you and provide a way out. Or you can just show up both and turn the building into ruins. Only you decide which way will be more fun to perform.