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Smashing everything along the way has never been so diverting! Teardown gives you infinite opportunities for destroying various locations to the core. The game presents many features that will definitely attract players who like dynamic and logical titles.

Besides, it is hard to find a game that is more friendly to mods than Teardown. Consequently, there is a huge variety of them for every taste. Moreover, the most popular and well-designed ones are added to the initial project.

The mods alter all aspects of the project. They add new locations, missions and tools. In terms of locations, you can steal things from places you can’t even imagine. There is even one in the middle of the sea. You need to invade a whole ship and take some valuable objects.

The tools which are presented by mods are innumerable. Nearly each of them has their own particular characteristics that make the project a lot more interesting and elaborate. You can try crashing objects with a chainsaw, light swords from Star Wars or with a huge tank.

Also, mods can offer some additional constructions that you can destroy or use to your advantage. And to get to those buildings, you will need new transport, as well. There is a huge range of cars, trucks, boats and many others.

You can expand the gameplay features, too. For example, if you always wanted to play with your friends, you can do this absolutely without any troubles. Enjoy every aspect of Teardown with the help of other players!