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If you want to safely vent anger on something, play this game and eliminate everything you can see. In Teardown you will have a huge collection of tools that you can use for destruction. Smash walls with a hammer and demolish objects using explosives!

Become involved in serious business

Initially, the main character was just a common owner of a company that used to help people destroy old and abandoned houses. However, now you are aground. You have no orders and your business is at risk of dying.

But all of a sudden, you receive an interesting offer that suggests you demolish one house that turned out to be an obstacle for one businessman. You understand that it may be your last chance to save your company and agree. Find an appropriate tool for this mission and see where it leads you.

After that, you will open a new field of activities that can bring you the cash that you need. But what will be the consequences of such affairs? Play this exciting project and get to know how this story is going to end.

Meanwhile, complete quests and do what you can do the best – destroy the constructions quickly and efficiently. Moreover, you not only can, but must complete your work hastily, as most of the missions have a timer that gives you no more than a minute to finish the task. Learn to use the devices you can afford and it won’t be a problem for you, though.

Take part in fantastic robberies

In Teardown you can become a thief as well. This is the most efficient and fast way to earn money, but these missions will be more difficult and dangerous. Here you will have to use your whole inventory and try not to get caught.

You will get the most diverse requests. From stealing computers to driving expensive cars away! Remember, that each of your tools is suitable for very particular actions, so before starting a mission, select them wisely and think whether you need to take some vehicles with you.

Apart from your old van, there are a lot of different machines that have their own functions. Some of them are mostly used to travel between the locations. You can buy cars or trucks if you want to change your van for something more convenient. Or you may choose to go by water and purchase a whole ship.

You can also use industrial machines, such as excavators, wrecking balls, concrete mixers and others like these. They are needed specifically for your main activity. It is quite easy to demolish big objects with such impressive vehicles.